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Teast connects English educators to jobs in Taiwan

Teast connects English educators to jobs in Taiwan

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(Taiwan News) — A job-matching platform was recently launched to tap into the ever-growing post-pandemic demand for skilled and passionate English teachers from schools and institutions in Taiwan and Asia.

As a global hub for English teaching professionals and institutions, Teast hopes its presence in the Taiwan market can ensure educators have access to a wide array of high-quality positions nationwide. With unprecedented access to its brand-new, user-friendly inferface, Teast enables educators to connect effortlessly with schools and institutions seeking their expertise.

Teast is committed to nurturing a diverse community of educators, providing equal access to enriching teaching opportunities across Taiwan.

In Taiwan, being a native English speaker is not a requirement, but some schools prefer candidates from native English-speaking countries, though there are proficient English speakers who may not be native speakers. Teast, as a job-matching service provider and a content provider of job market updates, is also reaching out to non-native English teachers who have good understandings of local culture and can better empathize as well as connect with their clients in Taiwan.

Teast believes in the power of language proficiency and cultural understanding.

The company said it welcomes individuals from diverse backgrounds and corners of the globe. In order to teach English in Taiwan, however, a Bachelor's degree is required, although it's possible to get hired with just an Associate's degree. Candidates will not be able to receive a work visa as an English teacher without one. It’s worth noting that the degree major does not need to be in education or English language, it can be in any subject.

While a TEFL/TESOL certification is preferred by some schools, Teast takes a holistic view of each candidate's potential. The platform acknowledges that passion, dedication, and real-world experience can be equally valuable assets for educators looking to make a meaningful impact in the classroom.