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US-based musician provides fresh evidence of sexual harassment by Taiwanese violinist

Victim reveals key voice messages from Lin Cho-liang

Lin Cho-liang faces allegations of sexual harassment. (Taiwan News photo)

Lin Cho-liang faces allegations of sexual harassment. (Taiwan News photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan New) — Internationally acclaimed violinist Lin Cho-liang (林昭亮) is facing allegations of sexual misconduct, with the accuser presenting fresh evidence of harrassment.

The violinist was accused of sexual harassment by two fellow musicians in June. In response, Lin denied any intention of making anyone uncomfortable.

During an exclusive interview with Taiwan News, pianist Lin Lan-hsuan (林蘭軒) played voice messages from Lin, in which he referred to her as a "spoiled girl" after she ignored his messages for two months following an incident in 2018 when he touched her buttocks.

The incident occurred at a private event in New York, where the 63-year-old Taiwan-American musician, who is married, complimented Lin Lan-hsuan's long legs and suggested she would look stunning in Jimmy Choo's high heels. Despite the female musician's desire to leave the event, senior musicians present asked Lin Lan-hsuan to escort Lin back home.

Lin Lan-hsuan said Lin tried to kiss and touch her in the cab. Upon arriving at Lin's place, he insisted on taking her upstairs, but she managed to escape by using the excuse of having her period.

For the next two months, Lin harassed her with voice messages, saying "Disappeared? Vanished? I have been eagerly awaiting your response. Can you please give me an answer?" Lin asked why she hadn't responded and referred to her as a "spoiled girl," adding, "How long do I have to wait for your reply?"

The messages continued: "Let me tell you something, at least have the courtesy to respond. It is not good to ignore messages, you know!" "You are really funny. When XXX invites you out, you go, but when I invite you out for a meal, you do not respond, so XXX is much better than me! WOW!"

Lin Lan-hsuan informed her fellow musicians about Lin's harassment, but many of them knew already. "It was not news that Lin is a philanderer, but people are afraid of his power, so they chose to be silent," Lin Lan-hsuan said.

On Tuesday (July 18), the Ministry of Culture said it would withdraw financial subsidies from art-related foundations that have broken labor or gender equality laws and regulations. In 2023, the ministry offered NT$4 million (US$128,238) to the Taipei Music Academy & Festival, founded by Lin.

It has not yet responded to Taiwan News following questions about whether it would reclaim the funds.

Gender equality amendments proposed by Taiwan's government have tended to raise fines for perpetrators. However, Lin Lan-hsuan said that what people really need is education.