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Acting CEO of Taiwan PLG accused of sexually harassing cheerleader at KTV

PLG board of directors to discuss disciplinary action against Chou Chung-wei

Chou Chung-wei (left) attempts to embrace cheerleader from behind. (Facebook, Huang Yang-ming screenshots)

Chou Chung-wei (left) attempts to embrace cheerleader from behind. (Facebook, Huang Yang-ming screenshots)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Video surfaced on Thursday (July 6) showing the acting CEO of the P. League + (PLG) sexually harassing a cheerleader at a KTV club.

Following allegations of sexual harassment leveled at entertainer Blackie Chen (陳建州), the PLG said June 30 he would be taking leave as CEO of the league. On Tuesday (July 4), the PLG said that 35-year-old Chou Chung-wei (周崇偉) had been appointed as interim CEO.

However, on Thursday, political commentator Huang Yang-ming (黃揚明) uploaded a video on his Facebook page showing a recent incident in which Chou forcibly tried to embrace a cheerleader from behind while the two sang at a KTV club. In the video it can be seen that as Chou tried to squeeze his arms around the woman's chest, she squatted down and twisted away from him to escape.

In response to the incident, the PLG posted on Facebook Thursday saying that it contacted the woman and recorded her account of the incident. "Regarding the issue of disciplinary action against the party involved in this incident, the matter will be submitted to the board of directors for discussion and resolution, and the decision will be announced as soon as possible," stated the league.

The cheerleader involved in the incident, a member of the New Taipei Kings squad identified as "Amber," was cited by NowNews as saying, "I was really surprised when the incident happened, so I subconsciously broke free and went back to our room. And the PLG staff soon came to our room to apologize for what just happened."

According to Huang, when Blackie Chen became aware of the incident, he took Chou with him to apologize directly to the woman.

An anonymous source familiar with the matter was cited by NowNews as saying Chou may have got carried away, leading to his inappropriate behavior. The source said that Chou deeply regretted his actions and immediately apologized to the party involved.

In addition, Da Village and Chou's former colleagues said that he has a good personal relationship with others and gets along well with everyone, emphasizing that "he is not a lecherous person."