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Powell warns attempt to alter status quo with China: Hsieh

Ruling Democratic Progressive Party presidential candidate Frank Hsieh Wednesday met with former US Secretary of State Colin Powell in Washington where Powell reiterated US opposition against any unilateral attempt to change the status quo across the Taiwan Strait.
Hsieh, however, pointed out that there appeared to be differences between Taipei and Washington about the definition of the status quo.
Hsieh, who is on a“love and trust”in the US, related Powell said he understood China has been waging psychological warfare against Taiwan for the past 50 years but his country will hold onto the“one China”policy despite its flaws.
Powell painted the policy as the most effective means to avoid regional tensions, according to Hsieh, adding the former US official encouraged Taiwan to be more confident in itself without altering the status quo across the Taiwan Strait.
Hsieh replied there is apparently a gap between the two sides on the definition of the status quo. The DPP presidential nominee and President Chen Shui-bian have argued that the plan to call a referendum on whether Taiwan should seek United Nations membership under the name of Taiwan will not upset the island's status quo with China.
But US State Department has voiced objection to the referendum plan, warning it will heighten cross-strait tensions while having no practical impact on the island's UN status.
Powell, who said Taiwan is not a sovereign country before leaving the State Department in 2004, then expressed the hope Taiwan can continue to strengthen its democracy and enjoy more freedom, according to Hsieh.
Apart from exchanging views on major police issues, Powell gave Hsieh a book“My American journey: an autobiography”which Hsieh later displayed to the media.