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Whole, 'uncut, unpeeled' frog ramen on the menu in central Taiwan

Yunlin ramen shop sells frog feast for NT$250, picture rights for NT$100

Yuan Ramen's "Frog Frog Frog Ramen." (Facebook, Yuan Ramen photo)

Yuan Ramen's "Frog Frog Frog Ramen." (Facebook, Yuan Ramen photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — In possibly the world’s easiest guessing game, a Yunlin ramen shop asked customers on Facebook to guess what their new special flavor would be, alongside a picture of a whole frog perched atop a bowl of noodles.

Yuan Ramen (圓拉麵) broke the suspense on Monday (June 12) and announced the new flavor would be “Frog Frog Frog Ramen” (蛙呀蛙呀蛙拉麵) at a price of NT$250 (US$8) per bowl. “The frog is not cut or peeled,” the post reads.

The ranine ramen will be available on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, but only in very limited quantities. However, for NT$100, the owner said visitors are welcome to come and take pictures, the post read.

Speaking to Taiwan News, the shop's owner said after the isopod ramen went viral in May, she thought she could make her own version, but with a local twist. She said eating frogs is common in Yunlin, and she wanted to bring that local flavor to the customers.

She said that customers so far had enjoyed the dish, and the shop would decide whether or not to keep it on the menu after getting more feedback.

The shop’s owner posted again on Tuesday and said, despite getting a lot of attention yesterday, the shop is back to business as usual. “It’s still the same endless cycle of soup, meat, eggs, and bamboo shoots,” the owner said.

“This is a tribute to all the hard workers,” the post read.