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Taiwan KMT vice chairman to attend cross-strait forum in China

Opposition official to meet Taiwanese business people, students, residents

KMT Vice Chair Andrew Hsia during last year's trip to China. 

KMT Vice Chair Andrew Hsia during last year's trip to China.  (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Kuomintang (KMT) is sending Vice Chairman Andrew Hsia (夏立言) to the annual Cross-Strait Forum in China next week, reports said Saturday (June 10).

The opposition party said the trip by the former Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) minister complied with Taiwan’s laws regulating interactions with China. The aim of Hsia’s visit was to assist Taiwanese business people, students and other citizens, and conduct dialogue with the Chinese authorities, per CNA.

The 15th edition of the event will open in the province of Fujian on June 16, with the main forum staged the following day in the city of Xiamen. Hsia will be accompanied on his June 16-19 trip by party officials, academics from its think tank, local officials, and youth group members, the KMT said.

Hsia paid a controversial visit to China last August, meeting with government officials as the communist country conducted live-fire drills around Taiwan following the visit of United States House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Beijing still sends military aircraft and ships into areas close to Taiwan on an almost daily basis.