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Taiwan Hi-Life customer buys snacks for NT$46, wins NT$10 million

7-Eleven shopper purchased bread for NT$62, pockets NT$10 million

(Hi-Life photo)

(Hi-Life photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A Hi-Life customer who bought snacks in Pingtung County for just NT$46 (US$1.49) and a 7-Eleven consumer who bought bread for NT$62 both won the NT$10 million Special Prize for the latest edition of the Taiwan receipt lottery.

On Thursday (May 25), the Ministry of Finance (MOF) reported the winning numbers for the most recent round of the Taiwan receipt lottery. Hi-Life reported that one customer won the Special Prize, while 7-Eleven and FamilyMart both reported that two of their consumers won the top prize.

The lucky Hi-Life customer who spent the least and won the most was a shopper who bought a bottle of soy milk and two tea eggs at a branch on Daguang Road in Pingtung County's Hengchun Township. The 7-Eleven consumer who won the Special Prize spent NT$62 on bread at a branch in Nantou County's Xinyi Township.

The luckiest FamilyMart shopper spent NT$84 on an unspecified item at a branch on Ruijing Road in Taitung County's Luye Township.