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Taiwan cuts 'make-up' days to one, axes 3 long holidays for 2024

2024 will have one less day off, 3 fewer extended holidays than 2023

(DGPA screenshot)

(DGPA screenshot)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Cabinet on Thursday (May 25) said it is cutting the number of days people have to "make up" by going to work or class after having a holiday to one day in 2024.

It added the number of days off and long weekends would be fewer than last year.

With six "make-up" days in 2023, the government received more complaints than usual, prompting the Directorate-General of Personnel Administration (DGPA) to pledge a new formula by May. The DGPA's new guidelines say that for long holidays, shifts can be made up in a flexible manner, rather than having a fixed make-up day, with generally one exception per year.

The DGPA said over the next five years, there will be only one make-up day per year, except for 2026, when there will be no make-up days.

In 2024, the sole makeup day will be Feb. 17, which will be a Saturday following a seven-day break for Lunar New Year from Feb. 8-14. This is to compensate for Feb. 8, which will be specially adjusted to add an extra day to the long holiday.

As for holidays and days off in 2024, the DGPA said there will be 115 days off, one less than 2023. There will be four extended holidays lasting three or more days, three fewer than the seven in 2023.

Extended public holidays in 2024 include Founding Day, Lundar New Year, Children's Day/Tomb Sweeping Holiday, and the Dragon Boat Festival. However, 228 Peace Memorial Day (Feb. 28), Mid-Autumn Festival (Sept. 17), and National Day (Oct. 10) will fall on weekdays and will not be linked with nearby weekends.

Extended public holidays for 2024:

Founding Day of the Republic of China (3 days): Dec. 31 to Jan. 1

Lunar New Year holiday (7 days): Feb. 8 to Feb. 14

Children's Day and Tomb Sweeping Holiday (4 days): April 4 to April 7

Dragon Boat Festival (3 days): June 8 to June 10

The calendar can be downloaded from the DGPA website, including Excel and PDF versions.

Taiwan cuts 'make-up' days to one, axes 3 long holidays for 2024
2024 calendar. (DGPA image)