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Norwegian pop star Peder Elias to perform in Taiwan

Music streaming sensation known for K-pop collaborations to perform at So Wonderful Festival

Nowegian pop star, Peder Elais, to perform in Taiwan. (CNA photo)

Nowegian pop star, Peder Elais, to perform in Taiwan. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Norwegian pop artist Peder Elias took to social media to announce his first-ever performance in Taiwan at the So Wonderful Festival in Taoyuan on June 3.

Elias took the time to learn a little Mandarin, saying a few words to fans such as: "Hello everyone," "I love you," and "Miss, you are so beautiful." Elias is a 26-year old up and coming solo artist who has crossed borders and collaborated with a number of Korean pop stars, per CNA.

He has become a poster boy for bouncy, highly produced music tracks that feature a chorus sung in falsetto. Catchy song titles such as, “Bonfire” and “Better Alone” have proven extremely popular on overseas music streaming sites as well as Taiwanese platform KKBOX, with the number of streams even rivaling Ed Sheeran and Charlie Puth.

In an interview with Taiwanese media, Elias admitted that many of his songs were written when he was in a bad mood, potentially leading many of his lyrics to be somber and downbeat. Still, he believes that when the audience hears his songs, they will feel better.

Elias says he frequently receives messages from Taiwanese fans on his social media platforms. In particular, he commented on a special birthday video message he received in January from a Taiwanese fan.

While Elias has yet to visit Taiwan, he has viewed a number of photos and videos, and believes it’s quite a beautiful place, as he looks forward to eating Taiwanese food and venturing out to a night market. When asked about hot Taiwan summers where outdoor temperatures can regularly exceed 30 C., Elias joked that he might have to bring an electric fan with him when he puts on his clothes to avoid overheating.

Peder Elias will perform at the So Wonderful Festival in Taoyuan with more information including ticket sales available at this website.