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Taiwan's last 'comfort woman' survivor dies at age 92

Taipei Women's Rescue Foundation vows to keep advocating education about history of 'comfort women'

Statue of "comfort woman" in Tainan, Taiwan. 

Statue of "comfort woman" in Tainan, Taiwan.  (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The last known Taiwanese woman who had been forced to serve as a "comfort woman" for the Imperial Japanese Army during WWII has died.

In a press release issued on Monday (May 22), the Taipei Women's Rescue Foundation (TWRF) announced the woman had died on the evening of May 10 at the age of 92. As she had expressed her wish to protect her privacy, the organization waited until her funeral had already been held before releasing the news.

According to TWRF, its members for years had often contacted the woman's family members or went to her house to visit her to talk or "just quietly accompany her." Although she was at an advanced age, the organization said its members were sad to hear the news of her passing.

A few days before the farewell ceremony, social workers first went to the mourning hall of the woman to pay their respects and provide condolences to the family. On the day of the funeral, TWRF Chair Theresa D. Yeh (葉德蘭) attended the ceremony.

TWRF vowed to continue to advocate that the "historical truth of the 'comfort women'/military sex slaves in Taiwan' be included in the country's educational curriculum, National History Museum, and history books to prevent this history from disappearing with the deaths of the women. The foundation also pledged to continue to educate and publicize the harm of sexual violence perpetrated against women during WWII and continue to demand the Japanese government apologize and compensate the women and their family members.