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Uncle Roger canceled in China after joking about Taiwan, Xi Jinping

Malaysian-born comedian Nigel Ng's Weibo, Bilibili suspended after satirical clip shared online

Screengrab from 'Uncle Roger vs. China' clip. (YouTube, Nigel Ng)

Screengrab from 'Uncle Roger vs. China' clip. (YouTube, Nigel Ng)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The British-Malaysian comedian Nigel Ng, also known as Uncle Roger, was censored on Chinese social media sites Weibo and Bilibili after a clip of Ng joking about China, Taiwan, and Xi Jinping was uploaded on Thursday (May 18).

Ng’s social media accounts were suspended on Friday (May 19) after discussing censorship, CCP monitoring of the internet, and the status of Taiwan, all in an exaggeratedly satirical fashion. Weibo said the comedian had “violated relevant regulations,” reported LTN.

In the clip, Ng asked where audience members were from, with one guest saying “Guangzhou, China.” Ng quickly responded, “Good country! Good country!” then added, “We have to say that now, correct? All the phones (are) listening.”

Then he asked if anyone was from Taiwan. When some people answered yes, Ng sarcastically responded, "Not a real country! Not a real country!”

Near the end of the clip, Ng said “This is not a political show" and that “Uncle Roger is gonna get canceled after tonight.” Ng's accounts were suspended the very next day.

Uncle Roger's suspension comes days after another comedian named Li Haoshi (李昊石), known as House in Beijing, was fined US$2 million (NT$61 million) after telling a joke about his pet dogs that referenced a slogan associated with China's People’s Liberation Army. Li is currently under criminal investigation, reported BBC.

The clip of Nigel Ng can be viewed below.