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Formosan yellow-throated marten spotted in Taiwan's Wuling Farm

Wuling Farm reports sighting of yellow-throated marten

Formosan yellow-throated marten spotted at Wuling Farm. (Wuling Farm photo)

Formosan yellow-throated marten spotted at Wuling Farm. (Wuling Farm photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A Formosan yellow-throated marten, a Level-III conservation-deserving species, was recently spotted at the Wuling Farm in Taichung City, per CNA.

Wuling Farm Deputy Director Hu Fa-tao (胡發韜) said the return of this particular marten represents a remarkable achievement for local conservation efforts.

This subspecies is slight in size, but they are adept hunters and omnivores with sharp teeth and claws. The animal often hunts in groups of two or three, allowing it to feast on large prey.

Hu warned the public not to interact with or feed the animal. He said the animal's cute appearance is deceiving, as it is a ferocious hunter and one of the few wild animals in Taiwan active in the daytime.

Hu said the Formosan yellow-throated marten is a unique subspecies in Taiwan, found in mountainous areas at an altitude below 3,900 meters.

This particular animal is slightly larger and longer than a typical weasel and is about three to four times its weight, with a body length of about 45 cm and a tail length of about 35 cm.

This animal is a predator in the food chain. In Taiwan, yellow-throated martens have been seen hunting the Reeves's muntjac, a small deer that is three times its size, by eating its internal organs while discarding the rest.

In northern India, there have been reports of this animal hunting monkeys, rodents, birds, amphibians, insects, and other animals' decaying flesh.