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Video shows 15 meter sinkhole in Taipei

No injuries caused by subsidence, 10 households remain evacuated

The hole. 

The hole.  (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The ground has collapsed next to a building site in Taipei’s Xinyi area, leaving behind a large hole.

Taipei City Police were alerted to the subsidence on Chengde Street on Saturday afternoon (May 13) and reported a large hole 15 meters long, three meters wide, and two to three meters deep, per CNA. No one was injured during the event, but the hole does appear to have swallowed a scooter, and 16 households were evacuated for safety.

Taipei’s construction authority dispatched staff to the scene to investigate the cause, and the fire department have set up an on-site command center. As of Saturday evening, 10 households remain unable to return to their buildings.