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Taiwan ends mass transit mask mandate

Masks still required in certain settings such as healthcare facilities, senior welfare institutions, and child and youth services

(Freepik photo)

(Freepik photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan's Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) on Monday (April 17) officially ended the mask mandate for public transportation.

Effective Monday, the wearing of masks on buses, the MRT, and trains is no longer required. Instead, the mask mandate has been changed to "required" in specific settings and "recommended" in certain situations, according to the CECC.

Settings where masks still required:

  1. Healthcare facilities: Healthcare, medical, and senior welfare institutions, long-term care facilities, veterans' homes, children and youth services, and care institutions for physically or mentally disabled people.
  2. Ambulances.

People in these settings are allowed to temporarily remove their masks to eat, drink, undergo medical examinations, and take photographs.

Masks recommended:

In the following situations, wearing a mask will not be required in the places/venues above: eating, taking photos, during checkups, treatment, or activities where wearing a mask is not appropriate or feasible.

  1. When a fever or respiratory symptoms are present;
  2. When elderly people or people with weak immune systems go out;
  3. When people are in a crowded place where proper distance with others cannot be maintained or ventilation is poor;
  4. When people come into close contact with elderly people or people with weak immune systems (especially those who are not fully vaccinated);
  5. When using public transportation and designated vehicles: paratransit buses (復康巴士) and school buses for transporting students.

Members of the public now have the freedom to wear a mask or not in other indoor places or spaces based on their own judgment.