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Taiwan military to simulate amphibious landings on beaches

Minesweeping unit also schedules round of drills

Taiwan's Yushan amphibious landing dock. 

Taiwan's Yushan amphibious landing dock.  (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The military will launch simulations of amphibious landings by enemy forces and counterattacks on beaches beginning next week, reports said Thursday (March 2).

The first drills will take place near the fishing port of Zhuwei in Taoyuan City and in Zhiben, Taitung County. All locations to be used in the series of exercises have been named as “red beaches,” inspired by the 2017 Ian Easton book “The Chinese Invasion Threat: Taiwan’s Defense and American Strategy in Asia,” the Liberty Times reported.

Easton mentioned 14 beaches and coastal areas in Taiwan likely to provide potential invaders with an opportunity to set up a beachhead, while emphasizing that most of the country’s coastline would pose grave problems.

The Amphibious 151st Fleet will start its exercises around Zhuwei from March 8 to 9, moving on to Zhiben for a second round on April 12 to 13. Due to the nature of the Navy unit, the Liberty Times concluded the drills would be designed to counter a Chinese invasion.

Separately, the Ministry of National Defense is also planning maneuvers off Taiwan’s southwest coast for March 27 to 31 by the 192nd Fleet, a unit specializing in minesweeping. The report suggested the exercise might be aimed at replicating the establishment of a safe passage for shipping during times of war.