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Taiwan MacDonald's to stop selling drinks in big cups

Fast food chain to also end Big Breakfast Meal, crispy chicken wings

(McDonald's Taiwan photo)

(McDonald's Taiwan photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — McDonald's Taiwan announced on Thursday (March 2) that it will stop selling drinks in large cups and eliminate a number of menu items such as its Big Breakfast Meal by the middle of this month.

McDonald's stated that these changes are being made to match the overall consumer trend. Starting from March 15th, tea drinks (excluding iced black tea and iced green tea), coffee, and chocolate will be provided in a "single size," per UDN.

Starting on April 1, other carbonated drinks, iced black tea, and iced green tea will be served in small and medium cups, with the large cup eliminated. The hot black tea included with meals will be automatically upgraded from a small to a medium cup.

Also beginning on March 15, McDonald's will stop selling its Big Breakfast Meal, crispy chicken wings, smoothie series, mocha latte, ice chocolate, and Schweppes sparkling water.

However, there will also be new additions to the food menu, including the McDouble and Double McChicken. The drink menu will now offer espresso, hot chocolate, and Evian mineral water, items previously only available at its McCafé counter.