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China extradites 2 suspected gangsters to Taiwan

Suspects taken to Tainan for questioning about November '88 shooting'

Suspect Hung Cheng-chun (center) arrives at Taoyuan International Airport from China Saturday. 

Suspect Hung Cheng-chun (center) arrives at Taoyuan International Airport from China Saturday.  (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Two men suspected of involvement in shooting incidents in Tainan City ahead of last year’s elections were extradited from China Saturday (Feb. 25).

Early on Nov. 10, a man on a scooter fired 58 bullets at the offices of a technology company in the Tainan City district of Xuejia, before heading for the campaign headquarters of a local Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) politician and firing 30 more bullets into the building’s metal gate. The number of bullets and casings found earned the incident the description of the “88 shooting” in Taiwan’s media.

Nobody was injured, but the timing just two weeks before nationwide local elections drew public attention and drove up fears of more violence in the run-up to the polls. In the days following the shooting, police arrested five men, but two of the main suspects were thought to have left the country.

Hung Cheng-chun (洪政軍), also known by his nickname “Red Turtle,” was considered to be one of the brains behind the shootings, while Kung Hsiang-chih (孔祥志) was suspected of having fired the gun. Both were arrested in the Chinese city of Quanzhou and returned to Taiwan on a flight from Xiamen to Taoyuan International Airport Saturday afternoon, the Liberty Times reported.

The Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) sent agents to China to pick them up. As soon as they arrived in Taiwan, the two men put on bullet-proof vests, and were taken away by members of the Tainan District Prosecutors Office accompanied by four CIB agents. Two vans transported the suspects to Tainan for questioning.

According to CIB data, China has returned 56 Taiwanese suspects over the past six years, while Taiwan extradited five suspects to China, per the Liberty Times.