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China lifts import ban for 63 Taiwanese businesses

Beijing claims approved Taiwanese companies properly updated registration

Qingdao Port.

Qingdao Port. (AP photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Chinese customs authorities on Sunday (Jan. 29) lifted its import ban for products made by 63 Taiwanese companies.

The companies have successfully registered or updated their registration information, which means they are able to resume exports to China, according to China’s Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO).

In December, China barred imports of several types of Taiwan-caught fish and Taiwanese alcohol claiming the products had incomplete registration. Banned products at the time included various types of seafood, Kinmen Kaoliang, Taiwan Beer, and Kavalan Whiskey.

The TAO said in a press release that Kinmen Distillery was one of the companies that were cleared to continue exports. “We are willing to continue to assist in solving the problem of incomplete and irregular registration information of some Taiwanese food companies, so as to facilitate the import of Taiwanese food,” the office said.

Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) said the government has repeatedly asked Beijing to specify which documents Taiwanese business operators should submit and fill in. Chinese customs authorities have so far either not responded or given ambiguous answers, adding more confusion for Taiwanese businesses.

The MAC added it still needs to follow up on the current customs clearance status of approved Taiwanese products in order to further verify whether they have been successfully imported into China.