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Kaohsiung to install smart light poles to boost traffic surveillance

Southern Taiwan city signs US$1.5 million deal with Iveda for Utilus Smart Poles and IoT related applications

(Pexels, Henrikas Mackevicius photo)

(Pexels, Henrikas Mackevicius photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Iveda, a technology company headquartered in Mesa, Arizona, will partner with Kaohsiung to enhance the municipality’s surveillance apparatus, it was announced in a press release on Jan. 12.

Iveda, which manufactures various sensors and tracking devices along with related cloud-based monitoring applications, signed a US$1.5 million (NT$45.4 million) agreement with Kaohsiung to implement the “Utilus Smart Pole” program. The plan will increase Kaohsiung’s smart city profile by implementing an Internet of Things-based approach to managing and surveilling the city’s parking and traffic infrastructure.

According to the press release, the Utilus smart poles will integrate “video surveillance, AI-based video analytics, IvedaSPS (smart power system), and IvedaPinpoint (location-based trackers and smart sensors) together in a centralized platform.”

Once the city’s new smart light poles are installed, the centralized platform will reportedly be able to monitor real-time traffic conditions and boost the public alert systems in the case of floods, accidents, or other serious traffic conditions. In addition, the devices will employ AI video search technology, making it easier to track individual vehicles as well as analyze big data of daily traffic flows.

The smart poles will also assist in monitoring electrical output and rain, according to the press release.

Iveda’s operations in Taiwan are based out of its office in Sanchong District of New Taipei. The Taiwan branch was formerly known as MEGAsys, a company developing software and hardware for various renewable energy projects.

David Ly, the CEO of Iveda Taiwan, said “Integrating smart street poles with multiple functional benefits will open doors for safer and sustainable modern development and construction of our cities and communities. As the supplier of Utilus, Iveda is enabling Kaohsiung to be at the forefront of true smart city innovation. They will be a showcase both nationally and globally.”

Kaohsiung to install smart light poles to boost traffic surveillance
A demo version of Iveda's Utilus Smart Pole. (Screengrab from Iveda promotional materials)