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Taiwan IC company gives employees 30-month bonus

WinWay, a Taiwan-listed company, reaches record IC testing equipment revenue

WinWay rewards staff after record annual profits. (WinWay Facebook photo)

WinWay rewards staff after record annual profits. (WinWay Facebook photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) —WinWay Technology is living up to its name as the Kaohsiung-based IC testing interface supplier celebrated record profits in 2022, and pledged to become a top-three global producer of IC test interface equipment.

The company drew attention not only for its financial success, but for its generosity to employees, as UDN reported it shared financial largesse with employees averaging a 30-month bonus, with some departments entitled to 40 months of extra pay.

Winway shared the news at its annual end of year banquet at the Sheraton Hsinchu Hotel on Monday (Jan. 9) to the jubilation of employees. Other guests attending the event included customers, suppliers, financial investment specialists, and legal staff.

Although global semiconductor makers began to adjust their inventories in the second half of last year, Winway's products and services have benefited from increased demand for central processing units and graphics processing units. These product fields have seen continual investment and innovation to develop new-generation chip products, and AI and high-speed computing applications, which in turn has driven demand for vertical and WLSCP probe cards, allowing the company to enjoy growth since the second quarter of last year.

WinWay recently announced that its combined consolidated revenue in Q4 of last year was NT$1.55 billion (US$50.9 million), which was a quarter-on-quarter increase of 9.9%, and a year-on-year increase of 81%. Last year’s consolidated revenue was NT$5.122 billion, an annual increase of 77.4%, setting a record high.

Mark Wang (王嘉煌,) WinWay president, shared his enthusiasm at a speech at the end of the year banquet and said that shareholders would be amazed by the company’s future performance.

At present, WinWay's main products, such as probes, wafer tests, socket tests are necessary for front-end chip testing, ranking sixth in the global market. Wang expressed his desire to be the third largest globally in this field within five years, with some believing the company may turn to mergers and acquisitions to make this a reality.

With WinWay's announcement of year-end performance bonuses averaging 30 months' salary, it is still behind Evergreen Marine, who pledged 50 months in bonus pay. However, WinWay has done more than just provide a red envelope, as last year the company implemented a structural salary increase, with an average increase of up to 40%.

And such riches were not just distributed via salary, as company leaders held a raffle with a top prize of NT$100,000 and more than NT$2 million in total cash being distributed.