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Taiwan to mandate e-bikes license plates

Official vehicle inspection and consent from employer required for migrant workers

Taiwan to mandate e-bikes license plates

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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan’s authorities will begin to require all e-bikes, now officially called mini electric two-wheel vehicles, in the country to have license plates, starting from Nov. 30, but will allow mini electric two-wheel vehicles currently in use to have license plates installed in two years.

The Directorate General of Highways (DGH) announced requirements for e-bike license plates at a press conference on Friday (Nov. 18). Plates must contain two English letters followed by five numbers.

(YouTube, DGH video)

DGH Deputy Director-General Chang Shun-ching (張舜清) said that there were around 5,800 accidents involving e-bikes in Taiwan in the first eight months of this year, resulting in 33 deaths, which compared to around 4,900 accidents in the same period last year.

This year Taiwan’s legislature passed amendments to the "Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act,” including changing the name of “e-bike” to “mini electric two-wheel vehicle,” the requirement for the vehicle to have a license plate, and the requirement for the vehicle to carry compulsory vehicle liability insurance, effective from Nov. 30, CNA reported. A violation of the requirements is punishable by a fine between NT$1,200 (US$38.40) and NT$3,600.

As for the compulsory vehicle liability insurance rates, according to the Financial Supervisory Commission’s draft proposal, the rates are NT$539 for one year, NT$929 for two years, NT$1,300 for three years, NT$1,652 for four years, and NT$1,990 for five years.

According to the DGH, the following items are required when picking up the license for a new mini electric two-wheel vehicle, starting Nov. 30: ID certificate, the new license registration after the real vehicle check, proof of vehicle's identity, uniform invoice, certificate of conformity to the safety certification, motor insurance certificate with validity over 30 days, and seal. The fee for the license plate is NT$ 300 and the fee for the vehicle license is NT$150.

The license plate requirements are slightly different for newly purchased mini electric two-wheel vehicles and those already in use. DGH has set up the mini electric two-wheel vehicle section on its Motor Vehicle Driver Information Service website to provide regulations related to the vehicle with multiple languages to choose from.

For migrant workers applying for mini electric two-wheel vehicle license plates, in addition to the above-mentioned requirements, they need to provide a consent letter from their employer (not required for a mini electric two-wheel vehicle already in use), Chang said.

Motor vehicle offices across the country will work with e-bike sellers, agents of migrant workers, industrial parks, township offices, and township citizen activity centers across the country to provide onsite services for the required vehicle checking, Chang said. For the onsite service time and locations, check the websites of the motor vehicle offices across the country, or contact the offices directly, he added.

DGH estimated that there are about 450,000 mini electric two-wheel vehicles currently in use in Taiwan.