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Heavy rain forecast for northern and eastern Taiwan till Wednesday

Nalgae will weaken and move away from Thursday to Saturday

(CWB image) 

(CWB image) 

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Affected by seasonal northeasterly winds and the periphery of Tropical Storm Nalgae, northern Taiwan and the eastern half of the country are forecast to receive heavy rain from Sunday (Oct.30) to Wednesday, meteorologist Daniel Wu (吳德榮) said Sunday.

The Central Weather Bureau (CWB) issued a torrential rain advisory for Yilan County’s mountain area as well as heavy rain advisories in the mountainous area in New Taipei, Keelung North Coast, the mountainous areas in Taipei, Yilan County, and Hualien County from Sunday morning through Sunday night.

The CWB website said nine of the top 10 areas that received the most rainfall from 12 a.m. on Saturday (Oct 29) to 8 a.m. on Sunday were located in Yilan County, with Mt. Ximao in the county’s Nanao Township topping the list with 544 mm.

Nalgae is expected to gradually head north at a point further west than originally predicted after passing Luzon Island, but after that the path of the storm will become uncertain, CNA cited Wu as saying. He added that it seemed unlikely at this point a typhoon warning would be issued for Nalgae.

The combination of the northeasterly winds and the periphery of the tropical storm will increase the chances of heavy rain in northern and eastern Taiwan from Sunday to Wednesday, the meteorologist said, warning residents in these areas to pay attention to the possibility of torrential rainfall.

Local rains are expected for central and southern Taiwan from Sunday night to Monday, with heavier rain in the mountain areas, Wu said.

The tropical storm will weaken and move away from Thursday to Saturday, leaving only northeasterly winds to affect the weather and bring localized rains to the north and the east. Partly clear skies with occasional showers are expected for central and southern Taiwan during this period, he added.