I-Mei continues to emphasize health

I-Mei continues to emphasize health

I-Mei President Luis Ko presented some of his company's newest products yesterday, announcing their healthy properties and economical prices. Ko also spoke of which products he thought might find success in markets in the United States and Europe.

Ko announced a series of zero-cholesterol sponge cakes made from soy beans. These cakes come in orange, chocolate, strawberry and red bean flavors and are not only cholesterol free, but contain no animal fat are lactose free and contain no preservatives. The series is also advertised as made from non-GMO (genetically modified organisms) soy beans.

Ko's announcement was in response to numerous reports of unhealthy and even poisonous products from other sources. Ko released facts indicating the safety of I-Mei products:

I-Mei pork factory received a coveted CAS accreditation in 1995

I-Mei rice products began high-tech carbondioxide processing guaranteed to remove harmful residue from pesticides used in farming in 2000.

Wieners produced by I-Mei were released with the "cooked concept" in 2004. Cooked wieners require no preservatives and no MSG is added to these products

Last year, buns intended for meat dishes like Peking duck were released on the market. These buns for Chinese and Mongolian cooking are steamed and are much more healthier than similar fried or buttered fillers.

Newly released fruit jelly deserts packaged for lunch boxes or the healthy conscious person on the go come in orange and blueberry. These healthy choices contain only 100 calories and are free from manufactured sugar additives, Ko said.

As the Lunar New Year holiday approaches, busy homemakers are planning a feast for the family. Local food companies, like I-Mei Corporation, aim to make things easier for these homemakers with ready-made delights that are easy to prepare like: ginger chicken, Dongpo pork, Buddha jumps over the wall and shrimp in jujube sauce.

Ko emphasized that I-Mei corporation's management has carefully met all the requirements set down in health regulations, tax codes, labor laws, labor and retirement insurance stipulations, health care insurance regulations, fire and safety codes and equipment standards.

"We believe that "social responsibility" is not simply according with the law and maintaining social traditions, but also is a mandate to protect the health of our consumers and to participate in environmental protection and to cherish our valuable nature," Ko said.

Updated : 2021-04-19 03:04 GMT+08:00