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Bare bottom, red faces at Estonia president's palace

Bare bottom, red faces at Estonia president's palace

Estonia's president has apologized to his country for raucous parties held in the palace by his two teenage granddaughters, after the media published photos of a boy's naked bottom and apparent under age drinking.

The photographs include one of a boy leaving a shower room, naked except for a belt with a piece of cloth hanging from it. The door to the room is held open by a clothed young woman.

"He was not completely naked," said presidential spokeswoman Kaidi Aher. "And it was a boy not a girl. That (a naked girl) would be completely different."

The spokeswoman said President Arnold Ruutel, 77, who is currently traveling in the United States, had issued a written apology. She said Ruutel was mortified, adding that the head of state was not at the palace when the parties took place.

The President's grandchildren Maria, 13, and Helena, 15, are living with their grandparents. Their mother has told the local media she has debts and can not afford to care for them.