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Analyst warns of China testing 'carrier killer missiles'

Expert believes China will use visit of US house speaker as excuse to carry out more threatening missile tests

Dongfeng missile. (Weibo image) 

Dongfeng missile. (Weibo image) 

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A “war strategy expert” explained that China will use the pretext of U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan visit to test out more of its “carrier killer” missiles.

China’s DF21-D and DF-26D (Dong Feng, or “East Wind") anti-ship ballistic missiles could potentially do a “lot of damage” to the U.S. Navy and in particular its aircraft carriers, said Harry Kazianis.

A U.S. media pundit, he is said to be an expert on national security issues, especially the modernization of China’s military. President of the “Rogue States Project,” Kazianis recently warned that “China could cause Pearl Harbor on steroids.”

He believes the rising power of China will cause tensions because it will clash with a relatively diminishing U.S., and this could lead to World War III. He also thinks Taiwan will have to fight China with World War II-era combat equipment and has called on the nation to modernize its military.

Kazianis told the Express, a British tabloid, on Sunday (Aug. 14) that China had so many of the Dongfeng missiles that it was “very unlikely that the U.S. Navy could shoot them all.”

Speaking on Pelosi’s visit, Kazianis said: "I think we're definitely going to see the continuation of a lot more missile tests.”

He then went on to highlight the importance of the DF21-D and DF-26D missiles to China “because they are what a lot of experts call 'carrier killer missiles' or the 'navy killer missiles.'”

"Those are the missiles that were specifically built by the Chinese, so if this scenario ever happened — the scenario over Taiwan — they would be able to do a lot of damage to the U.S. Navy if they were to come within 500 miles (805 kilometers) of China's coast."

China is also said to have developed an initial operating capability for high hypersonic land-based DF-21 missiles, which can target aircraft carriers. Some analysts claim this makes aircraft carriers an easy target and therefore obsolete.