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Taiwan's top official overseeing missile production dies of heart attack

Hailed for his expertise in optoelectronics, Ouyang Li-hsing had a history of chronic heart disease

Ouyang Li-hsing (National Defense University photo)

Ouyang Li-hsing (National Defense University photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A top military official overseeing Taiwan's missile production has died from a heart attack in southern Taiwan during a business trip.

Serving as the deputy to the president of the National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology (NCSIST) since March, Ouyang Li-hsing (歐陽力行) was responsible for supervising the manufacturing of all types of missiles.

The 57-year-old military professional fell ill and was discovered by his aide at a hotel in Pingtung on Saturday morning (Aug. 6) after a no-show for a cultural event. Surveillance video from the hotel shows Ouyang had been alone since checking-in the preceding evening, LTN reported.

A family member told police that Ouyang had a history of chronic coronary artery disease. A local top health official pronounced him dead, citing a heart attack as the cause.

Ouyang obtained a doctoral degree in fluid mechanics from the University of Washington. He held managerial roles at Air Defense Missile Command and the Armaments Bureau, and Ministry of National Defense. He served as president of the Management College, National Defense University, and was hailed for his expertise in optoelectronics.