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High expectations and tests ahead for Taiwan’s new digital ministry

Cybersecurity, information economics planning, digital gaps, among the many challenges

(Unsplash image)

(Unsplash image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Tech academics in Taiwan on Friday (Aug. 5) welcomed the establishment of a new digital ministry and hoped it would favor the “carrot” rather than “stick” strategy for the country’s digital development.

The Cabinet announced Audrey Tang (唐鳳) will head the Ministry of Digital Affairs (MODA), which is expected to be inaugurated on Aug. 27. Tang set out three objectives, per CNA, including:

  1. Fostering interdepartmental digital services
  2. Improving the philanthropic ecosystem
  3. Promoting cross-border civic tech and data democratization

As the new ministry takes form, experts have lauded Tang’s vision to make MODA a locomotive driving local industries. However, they also voiced concerns the new branch may become yet another supervisory body.

Considering the incessant cyberattacks on websites and systems of the country’s government agencies and infrastructure, scholars have made a case for building a “cybersecurity moat” to shield both the public and private sectors against such malicious acts.

Other challenges that lie ahead, they noted, are addressing the digital gaps among government institutions, creating a better information interfacing system, and working out a comprehensive strategy on “information economics,”wrote CNA.