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Taiwan’s MediaTek and Intel to develop digital TV, WiFi chips

MediaTek also stressed it would continue to maintain close relationship with TSMC

(MediaTek image)

(MediaTek image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan's fabless chipmaker MediaTek said Friday (July 29) it is working with Intel to develop digital TV and WiFi network chips.

MediaTek and Intel announced a deal on July 25 that would see the Taiwanese company use Intel Foundry Services’ Intel 16 process node (22 nm chips) to produce a range of chips for smart edge devices. In response to a question about the new partnership at an investor’s conference on Friday, MediaTek CEO Rick Tsai (蔡力行) said the deal is mainly focused on securing enough mature process node capacity, according to CNA.

Tsai stressed that MediaTek would continue to maintain a close relationship with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. for advanced processes. Tsai said his company plans to tap the American foundry to make less advanced digital TV chips and WiFi chips.

Meanwhile, in response to increasing uncertainty in the electronics industry due to global macroeconomic fluctuations, MediaTek lowered its growth target for the year from up to 20% to growth in the "high teens,” according to Nikkei.