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Taiwan ranked No. 2 in world for quality of life

Taiwan No. 1 in health and wellbeing for InterNations survey

Taipei City skyline at night. (Flickr, 毛貓大少爺 photo)

Taipei City skyline at night. (Flickr, 毛貓大少爺 photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan ranked second in the world in quality of living and first in the health and wellbeing for expats in the latest survey by InterNations.

In the Quality of Life category of InterNations Expat Insider 2022 report, Taiwan was ranked second, while Spain took the top spot. Following Taiwan was Austria, Portugal, the United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Finland, Denmark, South Korea, and Singapore, rounding out the top 10.

In the subcategory Health and Well-Being, Taiwan ranked first with no respondents saying they were unhappy with the affordability of healthcare in the country, compared to 21% globally. In addition, 98% praised its availability, as opposed to 73% globally.

Taiwan also excelled in the subcategory "Travel and Transit" with a ranking of seventh. When it comes to public transportation, 94% of respondents rated it as affordable (70% globally) and 90% rated it as easily available (73% globally). Ninety percent of respondents ranked Taiwan as "easy and safe to get around on foot and/or bicycle" (77% globally).

In the "Safety and Security" subcategory, not a single expat gave a negative rating when it came to safety in Taiwan. Also, 76% felt that they could openly express themselves (64% globally).

However, as only 61% were happy with political stability in the country (64% globally), Taiwan did not make the top 10 in the Safety and Security subcategory, having to settle for a ranking of 13th.

When it comes to the "Leisure Options" subcategory, Taiwan was rated a respectable 16th with 82% of expats saying they enjoy the culinary variety and dining selections (77% globally). Taiwan was near par for culture and nightlife at 66% giving it a favorable rating (67% globally) and 73% happy with opportunities for recreational sports (75% globally).

Although 75% of respondents stated that green goods and services are readily available in Taiwan (64% globally), Taiwan ranked only 21st in the "Environment and Climate" subcategory. Taiwan was hurt by its low air quality, which came in 41st, with 31% of respondents unhappy with this factor (19% globally).

On Sunday, Taiwan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded to Taiwan's high ranking in the Quality of Life Index by posting a tweet in which it stated that the quality of life "reflects individuals' happiness with the society & value systems in which they live."

The ministry added that Taiwan's high quality of life ranking is a "splendid showing & among many highlights for the country" in the InterNations report.