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Migrant workers can now view Taiwan work documents online

Online application and inquiry system for foreign workers available in English, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Thai

(WDA screenshot)

(WDA screenshot)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Migrant workers and their employers can now access their employment documents on a new website in one of five languages.

On Wednesday (July 6), the Ministry of Labor (MOL) said it has launched an online system that enables migrant workers and their employers to access employment documents. The website, called the "Online Application and Inquiry Download System for Foreign Workers," has Chinese, English, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Thai versions.

Typically, employers who hire migrant workers communicate with their foreign staff through labor brokers, who often withhold important work-related documents such as employment permits. When a migrant worker wants to end their contract and retrieve the relevant documents, they may encounter an unscrupulous broker that withholds the documents until they receive an arbitrary fee.

In order to enable migrant workers and employers to directly obtain employment documents such as a work permit or permission to change employers, the labor ministry on Wednesday announced that it had created a new website. This allows workers and employers to query specific documents and download them, eliminating the need to inquire with the ministry to reissue documentation.

Concerned that migrant workers would struggle with the site's Chinese interface, the ministry has added foreign language versions. After logging into the system with a National Health Insurance card or an Alien Registration Card (ARC), foreign workers can start searching for documents and confirm information on their employer, content of their work permit, and employer transfer records.

As for employers, they can log into the system with their ID card issued by the Ministry of Economic Affairs Certification Authority or with a Citizen Digital Certificate. Once logged in, they can make inquiries and download foreign worker application documents, employment permits for migrant workers, and so on.