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Passengers with bikes allowed access to 6 more train stations in central Taiwan

Passengers must purchase half-fare tickets for their bikes in Taichung

(Taichung City Government photo)

(Taichung City Government photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Passengers are allowed to take their bicycles with them to six more train stations in Taichung City from Friday (July 1), in addition to the 10 stations they already have access to, the Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) announced.

Taichung City's Transportation Bureau said in a press release the 10 train stations where passengers have previously been allowed access include Dajia, Qingshui, Shalu, Longjing, Houli, Fengyuan, Tanzi, Taichung, Xinwuri, and Chenggong train stations.

Now, six more train stations in the city have joined the ranks of stations catering to the needs of passengers traveling with bikes, making a total of 16 bike-friendly train stations in the city .

TRA official Su Chen-lin (蘇鎮霖) said that both local trains and express trains such as Tze-Chiang Limited Express and Chu-Kuang Express have designated cars for bikes, whether they are owned by passengers or YouBike. However, passengers must purchase half-fare tickets for their bikes.

All train stations accessible to passengers with bikes from July 1 are equipped with bike guidance and signs, and passengers traveling with bikes should follow the guidance to walk their bikes to an elevator or push them along a bike ramp to the designated waiting area on the platform, according to the TRA.

For more information about taking bikes on the train, visit the TRA website.