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Taiwan’s Taichung launches new ‘Seven Heroes of Guguan’ hiking certification system, rewards finishers

New system allows hikers to take as long as they need to complete climbing the seven mountains

(Taichung City Tourism and Travel Bureau photo)

(Taichung City Tourism and Travel Bureau photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taichung City's Tourism and Travel Bureau has launched a new hiking certification system via the “Traveling in Taichung" app (大玩台中APP ) to reward members of the public who complete climbing the “Seven Heroes of Guguan,” a group of seven mountains in the city’s Guguan area.

Bureau Director Han Yu-chi (韓育琪) said in a press release that it was a disappointment that last year’s Seven Heroes of Guguan hiking event was cut short due to the pandemic.

A new hiking certification system has been put in place this year to remove the hiking certification’s year-long time frame, meaning that hikers can now take as long as they need to complete the climbs, Han said.

The new system requires hikers to download the Traveling in Taichung app, then open the app’s GPS function at each summit to obtain a virtual medal. She added that when hikers collect seven medals for reaching all the seven summits, they can apply for gifts and certificates. There will be different rewards for hikers who complete one, two, five, or 10 rounds.

The bureau director also urged hikers to download the offline maps of the mountains from the app’s Seven Heroes of Guguan activity page to enhance safety.