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Landmark Taipei theater inspires unique uniform

Creator Justin Chou was first designer from Taiwan to have been featured at New York Fashion Week

Uniforms of Taipei Performing Arts Center unveiled. (Facebook, TPAC photo)

Uniforms of Taipei Performing Arts Center unveiled. (Facebook, TPAC photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taipei Performing Arts Center's (TPAC) uniforms have been unveiled and they resonate with the unique look of the new landmark in Taiwan's capital.

A vibrant combination of the white and blue hues and geometric patterns inspired by the spherical and cubical structures of the venue, the uniforms are the latest works from Taiwanese fashion designer Justin Chou (周裕穎).

The color arrangement is based on Pantone 646, as requested by the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA), an international architectural firm that built the center. Notably, the fabric used to make the garments is sourced from recycled polyester made from PET bottles, wrote CNA.

Chou is the first designer from Taiwan to have his work shown at New York Fashion Week. He has created many impressive pieces through crossover collaborations, including one with the National Palace Museum that saw signature antiquities such as “The Jadeite Cabbage” featured on a sweater.

The new arts hub in Taipei has launched a repertoire marking its opening season. A light show is being held to highlight the works of 30 artists via the projection of virtual images onto the surface of the Globe Playhouse, a planet-like theater, in the countdown to its official opening in August.