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Taiwan reports 42,112 local COVID cases, 85 deaths

6,117 COVID cases reported in Taichung, 5,747 in New Taipei, and 5,139 in Kaohsiung

(Taiwan News, Yuwen Lin image)

(Taiwan News, Yuwen Lin image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced 42,112 local COVID cases on Wednesday (June 29), a 5% decrease from the previous day.

Chou Ji-haw (周志浩), head of the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control also confirmed 92 imported cases, bringing the country's total case count to 3,728,363. The 85 deaths reported brought the country's total COVID death toll to 6,533.

Local cases

The local cases include 19,909 males, 22,183 females, and 20 cases still under investigation, ranging in age from under 5 to their 90s. Taichung City reported the most cases with 6,117, followed by 5,747 in New Taipei City, 5,139 in Kaohsiung City, 4,040 in Taoyuan City, 3,910 in Tainan City, 3,314 in Taipei City, 2,794 in Changhua County, 1,770 in Pingtung County, 1,154 in Yunlin County, 1,028 in Miaoli County, 981 in Hsinchu County, 895 in Hsinchu City, 870 in Nantou County, 847 in Chiayi County, 812 in Yilan County, 701 in Hualien County, 587 in Chiayi City, 540 in Keelung City, 521 in Taitung County, 198 in Penghu County, 124 in Kinmen County, and 23 in Lienchiang County.

COVID deaths

The 85 deaths announced on Wednesday include 46 males and 39 females ranging in age from their 30s to their 90s. All of these individuals were classified as severe cases, 81 had a history of chronic disease, and 53 had not received their third dose of a COVID vaccine. Their dates of diagnosis ranged from May 24 to June 26 and dates of death from May 27 to June 26.

Imported cases

The 92 imported cases include 51 males and 41 females ranging in age from their teens to their 60s. Between June 23-28, four each arrived from the U.S. and Germany; three from Turkey; two from Vietnam; and one from Italy. The countries of origin of 81 other cases are still being investigated.

COVID case statistics

Since the pandemic began, Taiwan has carried out 13,361,638 COVID tests, with 9,630,090 coming back negative. Of the 3,728,363 confirmed cases, 14,521 were imported, 3,713,788 were local, 36 came from the Navy's "Goodwill Fleet," three from a cargo pilot cluster, one is unresolved, and 14 are under investigation.

Up until now, 6,533 individuals have succumbed to the disease. Of the 6,518 deaths from local infections, 1,652 were in New Taipei City; 881 in Taipei City; 588 in Taichung City; 543 in Kaohsiung City; 539 in Taoyuan City; 396 in Tainan City; 324 in Changhua County; 254 in Pingtung County; 168 in Keelung City; 165 in Yunlin County; 157 in Nantou County; 144 in Yilan County; 125 in Miaoli County; 113 in Chiayi County; 106 in Hualien County; 101 in Hsinchu County; 97 in Chiayi City; 87 in Taitung County; 60 in Hsinchu City, 10 in Kinmen County, and eight in Penghu County. The 15 other deaths were imported cases.