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I-Mei Foods is Taiwan's 'Most Chosen' fast-moving consumer goods brand

Consulting company Kantar announces topFMCG brands in 2022 Taiwan Brand Footprint Report

An I-Mei store in Taipei City. 

An I-Mei store in Taipei City.  (Taiwan News photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Kantar Group, the London-based data analytics and brand consulting company, named I-Mei Foods as Taiwan’s “Most Chosen” fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) brand in its Brand Footprint Report of 2022, released on Tuesday (June 21.)

Other brands in the top 10 list include Kuang Chuan, Fresh Delight, Uni‑President, Ruisui Milk, High Quality, Quaker, Laurel, Try It, and Lays. According to Kantar, it analyzed 961 FMCG brands in Taiwan and over 1.4 billion consumption decisions made in 2021 for the report.

I-Mei Foods, which has topped the list for eight consecutive years, was selected by consumers as many as 91 million times. Out of the 8.85 million households in Taiwan, 7.79 million (88%) had purchased I-Mei products in the past year, while the average purchase frequency amounted to 11.7 times during the year.

Kantar reported that after two years of living with COVID-19, consumers are no longer simply conscious of making healthy choices — they have incorporated healthy choices into their everyday lives. Additionally, as people spend more time at home, the concepts of “home” and “household” have been redefined too, which is reflected in the growth in cooking necessities, frozen foods, and snacks.

One other trend that Kantar highlighted was that brands that were able to come up with creative marketing ideas were better able to connect with younger consumers. Those that incorporated digital media to create innovative marketing plans were also able to attract younger generations.

I-Mei Foods is Taiwan's 'Most Chosen' fast-moving consumer goods brand
(Kantar screenshot)

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