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Taiwan urges migrant workers to ride certified e-bikes to avoid fines

When amended regulations take effect depends on Cabinet

(Public Domain Pictures photo)

(Public Domain Pictures photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan’s Ministry of Labor (MOL) on Monday (June 20) called on migrant workers in the country to ride or buy only electric bikes with a certification mark and not to refit their e-bikes to avoid fines.

The MOL’s Workforce Development Agency said in a press release issued on Monday that the Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act has been amended to include e-bikes. When the amended regulations take effect will depend on the Cabinet, the MOL said.

In the future, all e-bikes will be required to have a certification mark (a red lightning bolt) and license plates.

Riding an e-bike with no license plate will be punishable by a fine between NT$1,200 (US$41) and NT$3,600, while e-bikes that have no certification mark will be impounded, according to the new regulations.

As e-bikes are cheaper, they have become important transportation vehicles for migrant workers in Taiwan, but some of them have refitted their e-bikes to improve performance, the MOL said.

According to the new regulations, riding certified e-bikes with refitted transmission devices will be met with fines from NT$1,800-5,400. The maximum fine for refurbishing other devices such as brakes, lights, and retro-reflective devices will be NT$1,200.

The new regulations also require e-bike riders to wear helmets, yield to pedestrians, not to go over the speed limit (25km/h), not carry any passengers, and not to ride when drunk, per the release.

Taiwan urges migrant workers to ride certified e-bikes to avoid fines
(MOL photo)