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Food Taipei emphasizes sustainable zero-carbon food

Taiwan Pavilion at food show features 103 local food producers

Food Taipei's Taiwan Pavilion will feature low-carbon products. (COA photo)

Food Taipei's Taiwan Pavilion will feature low-carbon products. (COA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Taiwan Pavilion at next week’s Food Taipei international fair will emphasize sustainable and zero-carbon food production, the Council of Agriculture (COA) said Friday (June 17).

The June 22-25 event at Taipei City’s Nangang Exhibition Center will only be open to the public on its final day, according to a COA news release. For the Taiwan Pavilion, the government department invited 103 agricultural producers to present their wares to promote discussions with potential exporters and awaken interest from local consumers.

Visitors will learn how efforts have been made to reduce carbon emissions during the production process, the COA said. The pavilion will show consumers how to follow “green trends” and find low-carbon food products.

The show will also shine a spotlight on the qualities of the Taiwan grouper, which was recently banned by China. A chef will give demonstrations on the many ways in which the fish can be prepared.

Members of the public can pick their favorite product at the food show to take part in a draw for kitchen utensils and electric appliances, the COA said.