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Taiwan Navy dismisses report claiming upcoming drill meant to resolve ship's technical issues

Navy Command says newly-built Ta Chiang corvette operating normally

Ta Chiang corvette (Defense Technology Monthly photo)

Ta Chiang corvette (Defense Technology Monthly photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Naval Command on Sunday (June 12) dismissed a UDN report claiming an upcoming naval drill was to resolve target tracking issues on the Tuo Chiang-class corvette, the Ta Chiang.

The command said the report was pure speculation and not fact. It explained that it had requested a section of airspace and a stretch of water off the coast of Keelung for an annual routine naval exercise scheduled for June 23, which will not use live ammunition, according to CNA.

The Tuo-Chiang class corvettes have been commissioned, and their equipment is in normal operational condition, the command added.

The Ta Chiang was commissioned in September and is the first of six vessels in its class to be equipped with modern air defense capabilities. It is armed with the Sea Sword II, which is an active radar-guided mid-range air defense missile.

In January, the ship conducted drills off the coast of Keelung, showcasing its ability to evade enemy torpedoes and firing off missiles.