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Taiwan population declines to 23.19 million

May sees fewest number of births per month for 2022 so far

Taiwan's population continues to decline. 

Taiwan's population continues to decline.  (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan’s population numbered 23.19 million in May, down from 23.49 million in the same month last year, the Ministry of Interior (MOI) said Friday (June 10).

The country’s total number of residents is falling by an average of 829.8 a day, and by 18,837 from April, CNA reported.

May also saw the number of births drop below 10,000 for only the second time this year, to 9,442 after the 9,617 recorded in February. One child was born every 4.7 minutes during May, while the total was 2,858 lower than in May 2021 and 1,780 fewer than in April 2022.

May saw 17,409 deaths, the second-highest figure for the year behind the 18,239 reported in March, and an increase of 2,301 deaths over the total for May 2021, according to MOI data.

The survey also looked at marriage and divorce, showing 52,474 couples tied the knot from January to May, but 20,210 filed for a divorce. During the month of May, there were 15,597 weddings, including 304 same-sex weddings, and 4,019 divorces, including 44 for same-sex couples.