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Taiwan Army, Navy conduct drills to boost combat readiness

Training exercises come ahead of annual Han Kuang wargames

(Military News Agency photo)

(Military News Agency photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The 10th Army Corps’ 234th Mechanized Infantry Brigade on Tuesday (June 7) carried out a reconnaissance patrol exercise.

CM-33 armored vehicles and CM-11 tanks rolled out to designated tactical positions and conducted situational drills to strengthen combat readiness, improve soldiers’ ability to adapt to different situations, and become familiar with a combat environment, Military News Agency reported.

Before beginning the mission, the brigade underwent inspection and prepared the vehicles for the drill. Throughout the exercise, officers and soldiers maintained a high degree of vigilance, which not only tested their resilience but also demonstrated their determination to defend national security.

Additionally, the Navy's first mine-laying squadron recently conducted a training exercise.

Officers and soldiers worked together to load mines onto a mechanical track and operated the ship’s automatic mine-laying system to successfully complete the mission. Through increased drills, sailors will improve their familiarity with various naval operations and strengthen Taiwan’s maritime defense, according to Military News Agency.

These exercises come as Taiwan prepares to carry out the live-fire part of the annual Han Kuang wargames, which is scheduled for next month.