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Ukrainians wave Taiwan flag in thanks for military aid

Ukrainian soldiers seen posing with helmets, tactical gloves, body armor from Taiwan

(Twitter, Ukraine+Taiwan Forum photo)

(Twitter, Ukraine+Taiwan Forum photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Photos surfaced on Monday (June 6) showing Ukrainians holding a Taiwan flag to express their thanks for the shipment of military supplies to the country.

It has been more than three months since Russia invaded Ukraine, and Taiwan has joined the international community in continuing to provide assistance. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs by the end of April had raised a total of NT$944.68 million (US$32 million) in donations for Ukraine.

On Monday, photos were posted of Ukrainian soldiers and civilians standing in front of piles of military gear supplied by Taiwan. In one of the photos, two men can be seen standing in front of assorted military equipment and holding a Taiwan flag with a map of the country and the name "Taiwan" emblazoned on it.

The photos were uploaded by the Ukraine+Taiwan Forum, which promotes relations between the two countries. The top image in the post shows helmets, kneepads, tactical gloves, and bullet-proof armor plates and includes a caption that states in Ukrainian "Taiwanese military support is already in Ukraine thanks to top volunteers!"

Another photo shows armed soldiers standing next to fresh supplies from Taiwan, including two with American flag patches, possibly indicating they are U.S. citizens or had obtained U.S-made gear. The caption reads: "We are very grateful for the support of all the volunteers who made this help possible!"