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Keyboard-patterned passwords flagged in Taiwan’s cybersecurity report

1qaz@WSX a complex but easily crackable password, Government Configuration Baseline adherence recommended

(Unsplash, Jay Zhang photo)


(Unsplash, Jay Zhang photo)  

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Keyboard sequence passwords have been found to be a vulnerability easily exploited in the latest Cabinet-released cybersecurity report on government agencies in Taiwan.

The monthly report for April suggested a hack into email accounts at a government unit involving leaked passwords, many of which were keyboard-patterned combinations such as “1qaz@WSX.” Such passwords, though consisting of a mix of characters and symbols, can be cracked easily by hackers.

A total of 69,964 cybersecurity alerts were recorded for government agencies in April. The types of incidents included distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, website attacks, vulnerability scanning, login failures, and others.

Poor passwords have become an increasingly weak link in Taiwan’s government cybersecurity. Monthly reviews pointed to multiple unauthorized accesses to relevant systems last year using passwords like birthdates, ID numbers, phone numbers, and even as simple as 123456, leading to leaks of sensitive or confidential data, per CNA.

All departments in the public sphere have been urged to adopt passcodes adhering to the Government Configuration Baseline, which provides guidance on information security practices with standardized configuration and settings set forth by the National Center for Cyber Security Technology.