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Theme park in Taiwan raises eyebrows over ‘above knee skirt’ promo

Event organizer dismisses claim about objectification of women

Leofoo Village Theme Park causes controversy for new promo. 

Leofoo Village Theme Park causes controversy for new promo.  (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — An amusement park in Taiwan has caused a stir over a promotional event that provides discounts for visitors in school uniforms and a special offer to those wearing an above-the-knee-length skirt.

The Leofoo Village Theme Park in Hsinchu County launched a campaign that grants visitors in school uniforms a discounted admission of NT$500 (US$17), down from NT$999. The deal is good throughout June and August and is applicable for all ages.

Controversy, however, has arisen over the additional offer of a photoshoot for those sporting a skirt “10 centimeters above the knee.” Some have questioned the rule for alleged “lewd connotations” while others have criticized it as an example of the objectification of women and for increasing the risk for those wearing the short skirts of having their pictures secretly taken by other theme park visitors, per CNA.

The marketing gimmick is not appropriate and may lead to invasion of privacy concerns, said Wu Tzu-ying (吳姿瑩) of the Modern Women’s Foundation. She urged visitors to take safety measures and for the theme park to address the potential risks.

Brushing off the debate surrounding the new promotion, Leofoo Village said people of all genders are invited to participate in the event, meaning men can wear uniform skirts, too. This is but a promotion for students about to graduate and is inspired by Taiwanese singer Cyndi Wang’s (王心凌) music video Loving You (愛你), which features teenage girls in uniform dancing, according to the organizers.