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MOS Burger Taiwan to build own delivery platform

Company makes announcement during shareholders’ meeting

MOS Burger opened 15 new locations in Taiwan in 2021. (Facebook, MOS Burger Taiwan photo)

MOS Burger opened 15 new locations in Taiwan in 2021. (Facebook, MOS Burger Taiwan photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — MOS Burger Taiwan has begun its transition to focus on both restaurant operation and online sales, An-Shin Food Services Co., Ltd. announced during a shareholders’ meeting on Tuesday (May 31).

CNA reported that An-Shin Food Services, which operates Taiwan’s MOS Burger franchise, said it is making the transition to strengthen the restaurants’ operating capacity and expand its e-commerce capabilities, a plan that will eventually see the company build its own delivery platform. The company has also begun building a food factory to further expand into central and south Taiwan in order to produce locally.

Despite being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, An-Shin Food Services still had an income of NT$5 billion (US$172.4 million) and a profit of NT$88.95 million after-tax in 2021. It opened 15 new locations in 2021, bringing the total number of locations in Taiwan to 302.

The company said it has made dedicated efforts to innovate and automate its services, increase kitchen efficiency, and elevate product quality, services, and dining environment. It said it will continue to promote policies such as product traceability, using local produce from contract farmers, and innovative waste control programs.

The company added that during the pandemic, it worked with local fishers and farmers to hold trade and food exhibitions to help introduce suppliers to foodservice providers, manufacturers, and retailers. It also sells produce at MOS Burger locations every March, so consumers can purchase fresh products more conveniently.