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Snake causes scooter to malfunction in south Taiwan

Taiwan stink snake about 150 cm long was coiled up near accelerator cable

(王駿騰 photo)

(王駿騰 photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A college student and a scooter mechanic in Pingtung County found a Taiwan stink snake in a scooter engine after the bike kept speeding up and slowing down without apparent reason.

The student took the scooter to a motorcycle shop on Tuesday (May 24) to find out why. The reason quickly became clear. Wang Chun-teng (王駿騰), the boss of the motorcycle shop, told CNA that he was shocked to see a snake coiled near the acceleration cable.

Wang said he informed the fire bureau and officers arrived within five minutes. They removed the Taiwan stink snake, aka Elaphe carinata, the king ratsnake, which was about 150 centimeters long.

Wang said the snake might have got into the scooter when it was parked by a farm field. He said it was the first time he saw such a big snake hiding inside a scooter, per CNA.

Also known as the "stinking goddess," on account of the awful smell it emits from its anal glands when picked up, the non-venomous snake is often eaten in China. It eats an assortment of beetles, birds, and other snakes.

Snake causes scooter to malfunction in south Taiwan
(Facebook, VISE鉗工坊 photo)