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Taiwan satellite industry firms looking to tap into growing aerospace sector

Taiwan eager to ride wave of booming satellite-related services

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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwanese satellite service providers are keen to grab a piece of the burgeoning global aerospace market.

A business salon held by the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) on Wednesday (May 25) saw six businesses share insights gained from Satellite 2022, an event that took place in March in Washington, D.C., where industry players and entrepreneurs in the aerospace and connectivity community converged.

The IDB event included representatives from TMY Technology, Tron Future Tech, Auden Techno, Rapidtek, Universal Microwave Technology, and Pyras Technology. Topics of the salon ranged from antenna research and development to satellite validation, testing, and solutions.

With the advent of Beyond 5G (B5G) and Sixth-Generation (6G) wireless communications, the demand for innovative applications in areas of autonomous driving, maritime and aerospace navigation, IoT, and low Earth orbit satellites is on the rise, according to the attendees. Industry players in Taiwan are seizing on the trend and working on various types of phased arrays to meet the needs of global giants in the field.

According to Auden Techno, Taiwanese businesses have drawn global interest for their advantages in product safety and manufacturing flexibility. Meanwhile, Rapidtek lauded the government’s support in developing satellite ground equipment.

Dozens of innovations from Taiwan were featured at Satellite 2022, with a greater presence to be expected next year, IDB said. Global annual satellite revenue for 2022 is forecast to reach US$295 billion (NT$8.69 trillion), up 3.3% yearly, according to market research firm TrendForce.