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Taiwan Hi-Life customer buys cranberry juice for NT$25, wins NT$10 million

Special Prize winner of Taiwan receipt lottery spent the least, won the most

(Hi-Life photo)

(Hi-Life photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A customer of a Hi-Life in Yunlin County who bought a cranberry drink for only NT$25 (US$0.84) has been confirmed as one the winners of the NT$10 million special prize for the March-April Taiwan receipt lottery.

On Wednesday (May. 25), the Ministry of Finance (MOF) announced the winning numbers for the most recent round of the Taiwan receipt lottery. In the latest draw, Hi-Life announced that for the fourth time in a row, it issued a receipt with the winning numbers for the NT$10 million Special Prize.

The lucky winner, visited the Hi-Life in Dingxi Village in Yunlin County's Huwei Township. They had spent NT$25 to buy a bottle of Ocean Spray cranberry juice, and came away with NT$10 million.

The winning number for the Special Prize for the March-April edition of the Taiwan receipt lottery, also known as the uniform invoice lottery, is 32220402. The winning number for the Grand Prize is 99194290.

The winning numbers for the First Prize are 16525386, 28467179, and 27854976. If all the digits on a receipt match any of these three sets of numbers in the right order, the prize is NT$200,000.

Holders of receipts with the last three digits matching this number will garner a NT$200 prize.