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Taipei-based filmmakers attend Cannes Film Festival

Iconic French film festival will wrap up on Saturday

Taiwan Pavilion attracted a crowd at the Cannes Film Festival. (Taiwan Creative Content Agency's photo)

Taiwan Pavilion attracted a crowd at the Cannes Film Festival. (Taiwan Creative Content Agency's photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Directors and celebrities in Taiwan are taking part in the Cannes Film Festival in France.

Despite the pandemic, the Cannes Film Festival opened on May 17 and will end on Saturday (May 28). The closing ceremony will be broadcast live on television channel France 2 and internationally on Brut.

Taiwan participated in the Cannes Film Market, the business counterpart of the film festival, to promote Taiwanese films to international buyers. Organized by the Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TCCA), the Taiwan Pavilion presented nearly 100 Taiwanese films, including the horror film “Incantation,” and the 3D animated adventure “Rescue Master Tang.”

Additionally, three Taiwan movies, “The Starry Sand Beach,” “Madame Pirate: Becoming A Legend,” and “Red Tail Ep.1,” were nominated for the Cannes XR VeeR Future Award. They will compete with 18 other international films for the Best VR Story Award and Best VR Interactive Experience Award.

Award-winning Mauritanian-born Malian film director Abderrahmane Sissako also announced that Taiwanese actress Wu Ke-xi (吳可熙) is featured in his forthcoming love drama “The Perfumed Hill.” Filming is slated to take place in Taiwan in July, according to the TCCA.

Taipei-based Burmese film director Midi Z (趙德胤) also attended the festival with fellow international directors from La Fabrique Cinema, hosted by Institute Français. Midi was invited to give a talk at the event and shared that writing a new script was all he could contribute after the pandemic disrupted shooting plans.

"We are bound to run into all kinds of restrictions, but I believe that we will eventually find freedom within them," he said.

Taipei-based filmmakers attend Cannes Film Festival
Abderrahmane Sissako and Wu Ke-xi. (Taiwan Creative Content Agency's photo)

Wu Ke-xi wears LinLi Boutique strapless dress with Serendipity Jewelry to the afterparty. (Facebook, Wu Ke-xi)

Midi Z (center) appears at Cannes Film Festival. (Facebook photo, Midi Z)