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Korean instant noodles intercepted in Taiwan for containing banned pesticide

Ethylene oxide is banned in Taiwan

(Taiwan FDA photo)

(Taiwan FDA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A batch of South Korean instant noodles failed a safety test in Taiwan this week.

Inspectors rejected or destroyed 1,400 kilograms of curry-flavored “Samyang Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen,” imported by Korea Trading Co., after detecting a total of 0.368 ppm of the pesticide ethylene oxide in the product's seasoning packets, the Liberty Times reported, citing a Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announcement on Tuesday (May 24).

The head of the FDA's Northern Center for Regional Administration, Chen Ching-yu (陳慶裕), said the U.S. and Canada allow ethylene oxide to be used in spices and sesame to kill germs, but it’s banned in Taiwan.

Samyang instant noodles are a common sight on the shelves of Taiwanese supermarkets. The product in question was one of the 11 imported food and food container items that failed to pass the most recent safety test at the border, CNA reported.