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Meteorologist warns of potentially 'disastrous' rainfall in Taiwan

Daniel Wu calls on public to watch out for severe weather from Tuesday to Saturday

Meteorologist warns of potentially 'disastrous' rainfall in Taiwan

(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Meteorologist Daniel Wu (吳德榮) on Saturday (May 21) warned of the possibility of “disastrous” rainfall in Taiwan from Tuesday (May 24) until Saturday (May 28), as the strength of a stationary front is expected to increase as it interacts with southwesterly winds.

According to Central Weather Bureau (CWB), moisture will begin to increase on Sunday as a rain system from South China begins to move eastward, with brief showers expected in the north and along the east coast of the island and cloudy skies in other parts of the country, CNA reported. Daytime highs are forecast to be 23-27 degrees Celsius in the north and east and 28-31 degrees in central and southern regions.

Wu said the stationary front will move up and down Taiwan from Sunday (May 22) to Saturday (May 28). Sunday and Monday (May 23), when the structure of the front loosens, localized showers are expected across the country, while heavier rains amid afternoon thunderstorms are forecast for the central and southern parts of the country.

As the southwesterly winds begin to increase from Tuesday (May 24) to Saturday, the stationary front will gain strength, and the development of microscale and mesoscale convection systems will increase as the plum rain season enters its active period. The meteorologist called on the public to watch out for severe weather during this period, which could include lightning strikes, strong winds, sudden downpours, and accumulated rainfall that could be calamitous.